We're way more than

just a gym.

We’re a full service fitness center offering Baldwin Park and the surrounding area group lifting classes, physical therapy and recovery services, and a top notch community to keep you motivated.


Group fitness classes

With over 200 unique classes per month, you’ll find getting fit is easier than ever. 

Personal training

Our Certified Personal Trainers are committed to helping you stay on track throughout your health and fitness journey.

Community building

As a true Orlando owned and operated gym we love giving back to our community.

Check our schedule for Community Sweats – 100% of donations go directly to the organization we are sponsoring.

Nutrition coaching


We believe that moving well, moving pain free, and moving efficiently are key overall happiness in everyday activities.

We utilize a movement-based diagnostic system to determine deficiencies in order to fix current and prevent future injuries from occurring.

Community building

Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention
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